To change the future of our community, we need to start with our youngest by setting them up for success from kindergarten to graduation and beyond.

Children’s earliest experiences – before they even enter school – can determine their ability to succeed for the rest of their lives. Early access to quality education is essential to promoting their development and learning into the future.
We want to help every child learn, grow and succeed in school and life because when children succeed, our whole community succeeds.

Early Childhood education



Once in school, reading at grade level by the end of third grade is the
single most important predictor of success. However, a lack of support,
available resources and absences put children at risk for academic failure.



Tutoring Students



Having a mentor greatly increases a student's potential for success.
In fact, children and youth who have mentors experience improved self-esteem,
greater academic achievement, increased motivation in school and
better lifestyle choices.



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